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Wadköping, by the river Svartån, is among the most well-known attractions of Örebro. It is an open-air museum where the municipality have collected building from the city and its surroundings. It was first opened in 1965, and has many things in common with the open-air museum Skansen in Stockholm.

Opening hours


Open-air museum: 11–17 CET daily.
Café: 10–17 CET daily.
Bakery: 7–17 CET daily.


Open-air museum: 11–16 CET, Tuesday–Sunday.
Café: 10–17 CET daily.
Bakery: 7–16 CET daily.

Day before public holiday

Open-air museum: 11–14 CET.
Café: 10–15 CET.
Bakery: 7–14 CET.


+46 (0)19-21 62 20,


Admission free. Charges for some events.


For guided tours, please contact Wadköping: +46 (0)19-21 62 20,

Guide app – Wadköping in past and present

Download our guide app and take your own tour in Wadköping. Listen to stories about the people who lived here and the history of Wadköping and its buildings. The guide app is available on the App Store and Google Play.

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