Swedish for Immigrants

Swedish for Immigrants, SFI, is a basic course in the Swedish language and Swedish society for people whose native language is not Swedish. To study SFI you must be over 16 years of age, be registered for population purposes in the Municipality of Örebro and have a full personal identity number.

Courses vary in orientation, language level, and rate of study. The courses are free, but you are not eligible for student financial aid for SFI. A guidance counsellor will work with you to determine which course fits your needs best. Course selection will be based partly on the purpose of your studies and your previous experience and educational background.

Individualised courses

  • Admission is rolling — you can begin any time
  • Flexible hours are available for students who cannot attend a regular course
  • You will receive grades after you pass the course
  • Classes are divided into groups based on language skill level
  • Work experience is usually included in SFI instruction
  • Vocational preparatory courses are offered in partnership with other organisations including the Swedish Employment Service
  • College/university graduates can study via Komvux (Municipal Adult Education)

You will be offered skills assessment and guidance and will receive Swedish language instruction at your language skill level combined with labour market introduction. Assistance with translation/validation of your previous grades/qualifications is available.

You can sit an examination if you are interested only in getting a grade/qualification.


Visit Vägledningscenter, Hagagatan 53.
If you are a refugee, please visit the Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen) Olaigatan 4.

You will be given an appointment with one of our guidance counsellors and begin your course within five weeks.

Questions? Contact one of our guidance counsellors by phone: 019-21 10 00.

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