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Welcome to Örebro. This page will give you a general picture of the town, communications and services.

How to get here

By train you will arrive at Örebro Central Railway station and the Travel Centre. For information contact SJ-Swedish Rail or TravelLink-train/air lines. Örebro Airport is situated about 10 kilometres west of Örebro.

How to get around in Örebro

The city buses depart from Järntorget, close to the castle. Timetable information is available on +46(0)20-22 40 00. The county buses depart from the Travel Terminal at the Central Railway station. A common way to travel in Örebro is by bike since the distances often are short between school or work, the centre of the town and the housing areas. Örebro is the Town of Cycling and we are proud to have about 215 kilometres of separate bike and walking lanes.

The Swedish version of this site has a map function, which is usable even without knowing Swedish. If you are looking for a specific address just click the Swedish word Kartor (Maps), fill in the address and you will find it on the screen.

Looking for a telephone number?

Go to The telephone number to the municipal customer service is
+46(0)19-21 10 00.

Childcare, education and social services

The easiest way to obtain information about or to apply for childcare, to find a school or to ask for other social services is to contact the municipal customer service, +46(0)19-21 10 00.

Communication disabilities

Örebro is a centre of knowledge relating to communication disabilities, with schools for the deaf and hearing impaired, at all levels.

Health and medical care

Örebro county Council is in charge of the medical care.
The National Insurance Office (Försäkringskassan) is in charge of the national health insurance, rent subsidies etc.


The biggest housing company in Örebro is Öbo, a municipal company. 50% of the inhabitants in Örebro rent a flat or house from Öbo, in the centre of the town or on its outskirts, close to the countryside. If you are a student moving to town, Öbo guarantees you a flat within one month after your arrival. Call +46(0)19-19 42 00.

Sights and attractions

Örebro is truly a fantastic town. Visit Örebrokompaniet website for more information.

Work and trade

The Swedish Labour Market Administration (Arbetsmarknadsverket) and the Local Employment Office (Arbetsförmedlingen) +46(0)20-830 830 have information about employment, unemployment insurances, recruiting, studying and starting a business in Sweden.

Central Sweden is the cooperation forum for the municipalities and county councils of Dalarna, Gävleborg and Örebro, as well as the University of Örebro.

About Sweden is the official gateway to Sweden and gives you substantial information about our country, whether you are interested in culture, economy, trade, tourism, government, politics, health, welfare or media., the official site of Sweden.

Who does what?

Are you already a resident and have questions concerning traffic, building permits or social services. Dial our customer service +46(0)19-21 10 00 to obtain the answers to your questions. The staff at "Medborgarkontoret" (Citizens' advice bureau) in the Town Library is also able to answer most of the questions concerning the City of Örebro. Furthermore they will refer you to the relevant authority.

The Community Planning Office is responsible for building permits, planning permission, local building sites waiting list, public transport, transportation services for the elderly or disabled, bicycle lanes and parks. Call our customer service +46(0)19-21 10 00.

If you need Consumer Guidance, please contact Servicecenter to book an appointment or submit your question to Servicecenter.

Technology and traffic services department is responsible for the street contract (street cleaning, refuse collection, roads and pavements). If you have questions, dial our customer service +46(0)19-21 10 00.

Municipal Immigration Services (Invandrarservice) , +46(0)19-21 41 62.
Interpreter Service, +46(0)19-602 31 55.

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