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Virginska skolan

Virginska skolan is one of Örebro´s six upper secondary schools and has about 1400 students.

The school is located in the centre of Örebro. The premises consist of a modern building, a former shoe factory and a large gymnastics hall.

Virginska skolan is known for its work with student democracy, entrepreneurship and opportunities for international exchanges.
The school cooperates with companies and universities which is important for schools in the future.

International Contacts
Our many international contacts give our students excellent opportunities for study visits, exchanges and work placement in other countries.

Environmental Certificate
The school has been working on environmental issues for many years has had an environmental certificate for several years.
Education for sustainable development is a natural part of our curriculum.

The school has both theoretical and vocational courses.
The vocational courses may set you on the way to becoming chefs, hotel receptionists, conference hosts, bakers, confectioners, journalists, radio personalities, filmmakers, stylists, fashion designers, hairdressers or florists.
The theoretical courses are aimed at elite sportsmen and allow you to combine studies and training.

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The National School for the Deaf and
The National School for the Hard of Hearing
Virginska skolan has courses for deaf and hard of hearing students in all the vocational subjects taught at the school. About 150 students are taught in small groups. Those with deaf students are taught using the sign language and groups for the hard of hearing use special technical equipment.
Students come from the whole of Sweden as well as the Swedish speaking areas of Finland and have a free trip home every second week.
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Individual Programme
The individual programme is a specially designed programme for students with individual needs. UpperSecondarySpecialSchool Students can study hotel and restaurant courses.  

Commissioned Education
There are cookery courses for adults.


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