Wadköping open-air museum

Cajsa Wargs hus och Kungsstugan. Foto: Magnus Wahman

Welcome to Wadköping!

In central Örebro, on the banks of the River Svartån, you will find Wadköping open-air museum – one of Örebro´s biggest visitor destinations. With its wooden buildings and courtyards, Wadköping gives an idea of what Örebro´s buildings and city environment used to look like. Wadköping has been located here since its opening in 1965 and comprises buildings and court-yards moved here from central Örebro. A town street runs through the middle of Wadköping with buildings on either side. One side, with its low-proportioned, red-painted buildings depicts 17th, 18th and early 19th century buildings, while the other side shows Örebro´s city environment after the great fire of 1854. The open-air museum is called Wadköping after the name Hjalmar Bergman gave to the place in which he grew up. The name appears, for example, in Bergman´s novel Markurells i Wadköping (Swedish for Markurells in Wadköping) where depictions of the city have been inspired by, for example, Örebro, the city in which Hjalmar Bergman grew up. Open all year round. Admission free.

Wadköpings handelsbod. Foto: Ullabritt Jonsson

Welcome inside!

Nowadays the buildings in Wadköping are home to shops, craft workshops, museums and exhibition venues. The pleasant aroma of freshly baked bread wafts from the bakery. The shop sells cones of sweets, tea and other odds and ends that were sold in days gone by. Wadköping´s café and canteen offer good food along with beverages and pastries in a unique environment. The Lexica bookshop boasts thousands of book titles spanning a variety of categories. Heavy blows of the hammer can be heard from the forge as the blacksmiths work on the iron, and at Närke´s wood-turner workshop visitors can see the lathe in action. The shops and craft workshops sell everyday items and gifts made in Wadköping.


(The King´s Lodgings) acquired its name from the fact that, according to tradition, Duke Karl, later King Karl IX, stayed there a couple of nights during visits to Örebro. The building is medieval in style and was originally part of a group of buildings on Järntorget square. The upper floor boasts wellpreserved wall and ceiling paintings from the 1580s and 1620s, which are shown on various occasions and presented in one of the exhibitions on Kungsstugan´s ground floor.

Cajsa Wargs hus

(Cajsa Warg´s House), a burgher´s house, dates back to the 17th century. The building was a guest-house and part of an estate owned by county treasurer Anders Warg at the turn of the 18th century, father of cookery book writer Cajsa Warg. Here visitors can see fine wall paintings from the 18th century, for example. The building also has an exhibition on Cajsa Warg, covering both her work as a cookery book writer and Cajsa Warg herself.

Hjalmar Bergman

who was born and bred in Örebro, is one of Sweden´s best-known authors. Hjalmar Bergman´s museum with books and mementos is located here in Wadköping.


(Jeremiah Cottage) is named after poet Levi Rickson, alias Jeremiah the Inconsolable, who once lived in the building. Jeremiah the Inconsolable´s writing den is depicted in the upper floor.

In Kronbloms Kök

(Kronblom´s Kitchen), which is furnished in the style of the 1930s, Kronblom is reclining on the sofa to recover. There is also an exhibition here describing Kronblom´s history.


(The SchoolMuseum) is located in Handskmakaregården and gives an account of 1920s school history.

Skolmuseet. Foto: Magnus Wahman

Art and craft exhibitions

Interesting new art and craft exhibitions are constantly held at Konstfrämjandet Bergslagen, an organisation that promotes art, and Konsthantverkscentrum crafts organisation. Hantverkarboden craft shop puts on a new exhibition each week.

Wadköping for children

Wadköping is an oasis for children and families. There´s plenty to discover in the exciting, cultural history environment. Lekladan play barn has a cowshed, an old shop and a playhouse. The puppet theatre provides puppet shows and storytelling. There are events for children all year round including traditional Midsummer celebrations and Tuesday get-togethers with clowns, magic and music from June to August. At Christmas our young visitors can meet Father Christmas and take part in activities in his workshop.

Something for everyone

Wadköping is a vibrant open-air museum with historical and cultural events all year round. There are activities for the whole family including theatre for all ages at Spelgården, talks, musical entertainment, dance, and Christmas and Easter markets with activities for children. Our programme includes hundreds of items each year of various types. For a full programme, please go to: www.orebro.se/wadkoping or phone +46 (0)19-21 62 20. Why not subscribe to our newsletter (in Swedish only) at www.orebro.se/nyhetsbrev.


Admission free, though charges are made for some events

Getting to Wadköping

By bicycle or by foot

From the town centre follow Svartån river past the Castle through Stadsparken City Garden. You can obtain a map from the Tourist information office at Olof Palmes Square.

By bus

Bus 25 will take you to Wadköping from the town centre (Järntorget).

By car

Follow the signs to Wadköping.


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